Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Meryl Creep

Skater name : Meryl Creep

 Number: 9

 Story behind the name: Well, my husband found great joy in trying to find me a name. He wanted people to call me Fugly Motha because he figured people would just call me Fugly!!

 In real life: I am a Special Education teacher, teaching high school English to students with reading and language disabilities

 Sometimes I think: that I really suck at derby... I have really great days and really bad days

 Favorite position: I like jamming but I feel I am better at blocking

 Skating Experience: I have been skating for a little over 3 years

 Hometown: Springfield, MA.

 Likes: motorcycle rides, wine, drinking in general

 Dislikes: . being hungover;-) raining when I want to go on motorcycle rides

Why I love derby: I love derby because it gave me back something I was missing in my life. I am a mom, a teacher, a wife and I didn't feel I was me. I was always a jock! I was a gymnast for the majority of my youth. I played soccer, softball, and was a diver. I was a diving coach and a gymnastics coach. I missed being physical.

How I found derby: I watched the movie Whip It and then googled roller derby. I found a league in the area and went to their fresh meat night!

Pandora's Squeezebox

Skater name : Pandora's Squeezebox

Number: 23

Derby Birthday:  11/3/10

Facebook page:

Story behind the name: I like Greek mythology and The Who!

In real life: Yarn Waitress

Favorite position: Blocked for about 2.5 years, but now I find I really like jamming. Jamming is fun and there's nothing to be afraid of!

Skating Experience: This is my 4th season

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Likes: Knitting and crochet, British television, dancing like a crazy person, and of course derby.

Dislikes: being bored Why I love derby: It's a really great community of women (and men) who are fun and fitness-minded.

How I found derby: Through a coworker who also used to skate. She thought I'd like it and boy was she right!

My Pump Up song before a game: Infinity Guitars by Sleigh Bells

Donny Brook

Skater name:  Donny Brook
Number:  86

Facebook page: