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Pair O Dice Fresh Meat

Name: Kali Skirata
Number: 66
Story behind the name: I'm a Star Wars fan and Kal Skirata is one of my favorite characters. This fits well with Kali, a Hindu goddess associated with empowerment.
In real life: Librarian
Favorite position: Webmaster off the track, inside white board on the track, but I want to be a blocker.
Skating experience: Put on skates June 2013 and still feel like a toddler.
Why I love derby: Derby is accepting of all skill levels & body types as long as you put in the time. 

Name: Ruinya Day
Number: 827
Derby Birthday - January 2008
came to POD Nov. 2013 Woo Hoo!!  

Story behind the name: I liked it. 
In real life: Work in mental health
Skating experience: I have practiced a lot and volunteered at bouts. 
Likes: Amazing people I have met
Dislikes: Drama
Why I love derby: I have skated since I was 6. 

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