Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Suga Burn

Skater name: Suga Burn

Number: 250

Derby Birthday:  Sept 2011

Story behind the name: Derby related injury - I got a huge 2nd-degree burn on my arm making mexican chocolate marshmallows for the ref room. The number is the point where sugar reaches the "hard ball" stage in candymaking.

In real life: um....ask me tomorrow. I am currently a civil engineer but am hopefully "engineering" a shift into the education consulting field. Also considering opening a business called "Suga's Paleteria and Home for Wayward Girls".

Favorite position: defensive blocker; my current goals are to develop some offensive skills and be a reliable backup jammer

Skating Experience: started skating in Fall 2011. You can find me at Wednesday night open skates putting in a request for "Push It".

Hometown: Timber Ridge, VA

Likes: sour candy, dark chocolate, maple candy, vanilla cupcakes

Dislikes: licorice Why I love derby: I have been in lots of sports and this one has the best nerd:douche ration by a mile. Also, wheels on my feet.

How I found derby: my then-neighbor founded a league and was recruiting; I made some great and lasting friends but the league ultimately wasn't for me. I retired after a season but felt the itch again after a couple months, transferred to POD, and fell back in love with derby. XOXO