Sunday, September 22, 2013


Skater: Haulin-Sass

Number: 318

Story behind the name: I have a special spot in my heart for all the truckers who haul our goods around the country, and I've been told i'm a little "Sassy".

In real life: I am an energy super hero, I save companies $$ on their energy bills. Sadly, I don't get to wear red boots and a cape.

 Favorite position: Jammer Skating Experience: I started skating 9/22/2013 With this awesome team!!

Hometown: "The 413" born and raised (trying to escape is futile, it will always suck you back in)

 Likes: I love playing outside no matter what the season and I've been known to dabble with some craft like activities.

 Dislikes: Artificial Grape Flavor and its side kick, Grape Jelly.. YUCK!!

 Why I love derby: My grandmother played derby when she was my age..Oh, and what other sport do you get to skate around in hotpants and hit other chicks? NONE!!

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