Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mass Appeal hosts POD Girls

POD girls at WWLP New station!
See FB post here.
Check out the fun video below.

Pair O' Dice City roller girls were on TV.    Ballistic Miss L. and Pandora's Squeezebox along with the other POD gals are representing today!

The girls are telling everyone about how we are the official roller derby team of the Springfield MA.

one great point that Ballistic made was we always need FANS!  So come on down and get in on the action by watching all the fun!    We have a combination of home and away games.   Some away games are close enough to make a fun local trip for fans.   Worcester is only about 45 minutes away and Hartford is only 30 minutes.  So Fans can come out and support your favorite team to all the local games.
Check out Seth (AKA Stompin' Stud Man) as he gets down and dirty with Pandora -  He is really having fun.  After every hit in anticipation for the next he squiggles around his fingers!   See the vid right here!


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