Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Game Changer or Mood changer?

Game Changer? or Mood Changer?    I think I will say the Sisu 2.4 mouth guard is a little of both.  Ya maybe it will be a game changer - I HOPE.  But I know for sure it is a mood changer! I was SOOO happy to get my new mouth guard.  I jumped for joy when it arrived in the mail. Then I opened it up and popped it in the hot water.  (you can see some pix of the process below)  After trying a couple times to get it to feel right,  I tried for the 3rd time.  Third times the charm right?   I was happy to feel how well it molded to my mouth.  It didn't dig into my lips or feel bad in any way.   So I went to take it out... well, that proved to be a huge challenge.  The mouth guard fit SOO Well that it would NOT come out! I tried and tried and it would not budge.  My happiness turned to slight panic.  After some thoughts of cutting it out of my mouth or having to go to a dentist (LOL) I came to my senses and decided to flush my mouth with the hottest tap water I could stand.  I softened the guard enough to unbend the front where it had shaped so perfectly over the front of my teeth/gums.  It finally came out!    

So my mood was no longer very happy at this point...  I was quite annoyed.  So I tried again and again and again... and...    Do I look a little Krazy here?  You bet I do.   This is what happens when you are on your 7th, 8th, 9th try at molding your mouth guard!   You get a bit nutty.  

I said,  damn this Freaking Game Changer!  My son said, it's not a game changer, it's a mood changer - hense the title to this blog!   I said yes!  I started out so happy and now I was so frustrated bordering on pissed off.

So anyway,   here are some of my "in the process" pix.  At least the white guard turns clear in the hot water, which was nice, because it lets you know when it is ready to be molded.   I used a wider spatula so that it would not bend over and possibly touch itself.   Didn't want it to stick to itself, that would not be good.  

Here it is soft, pliable & ready to go for the 100th freaking time  ;)   


Put it in and pressed on the lips,  Looks good,  feels good too. 

Had to go through this process many times because it would fit so perfectly over the top part of my teeth/gums that it would literally be stuck in place because it molded inward so could not come back off over my teeth.   I had to do the hot water removal a few more times.   

This last time I didn't suction my lips as much as they tell you to do.  I didn't push in on my lips to mold it as much either.   Then as it was almost cooled I pulled on the top to make sure it was not molded too much around the top of my gums, put it up and down a few times too and....  FINALLY it fits !

I can actually REMOVE IT!!  (without hot water)

Yeay!   Now this thing BETTER be a game changer in a POSITIVE way....  I hope the holes do not act like a cheese grater on my lip if I get hit.   I'm concerned cause it really does feel very rough! 

We shall see  :)

UPDATE :   I really like the Mouth guard.  Although I did change from the thicker 2.4 one to the thinner 1.6 one.   The thicker guard just would not fit right and was impossible to mold and still remove from my mouth.  The thin guard is wonderful.  it pops in and is tight fitting.  Comes out quick with a tug.    Did grate my mouth a couple of times, but not THAT badly.  Would definitely get it again.


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