Sunday, September 14, 2014

Highlights from the Sept. 7, 2014 Bout - Pair O' Dice City Rollers vs. Elm City Derby Damez

Jammer Donny Brook races out of the pack!

Last Sunday, we played our second game of the season against the Elm City Derby Damez. This home game went really well, and though we lost, it wasn't by too much, and we played really strongly as a team!  Here are some of the highlights:

Final Score: POD 173 to EC 219

Jammer Donny Brook working her way through the pack!
A solid POD wall holding off EC's jammer.
MoJo and Donny Brook take on EC's jammer.
Working both offense and defense in the pack!
POD blockers working together to hold off the EC jammer.
Jammer Von Wolfe looks ahead for a clear path.
The game MVPs.
Congrats Meryl Creep and Pandora's Squeezebox from POD
and Mongol and Don't Care Bear from Elm City! 

In this game, POD's jammers, pivots, and blockers alike could all feel the difference in how much more easily we worked as a team.  In the three months since our away game with Elm City, the team worked hard on strategy, communication, and endurance...and it showed.  If you weren't at the game, you'll have to come see the next home game on October 26th to experience it for yourself!

Special thanks to Eric Wallis Photography
one of our fabulous sponsors, for all the above photos!

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