Tuesday, October 21, 2014

We Discovered This Great Site for Lacing Methods!

Lacing your skates to fit your individual skating needs seems to be something that most Derby Girls (and Refs) learn over time.  It's usually a hit or miss "try it and see if it works" kind of process.  It can be difficult to take advice from team mates and friends because different skaters may be looking for different things in the way they lace their skates.

For me personally, I have to adjust the laces very tightly over the middle instep of my right foot when I know I'll be skating lots of laps or very intensely for a longer period because the boot is a little wide on my right skate and my foot tends to slide around in the boot as I skate. I know other team mates that need their skates to be loose in the toe box and tight around the ankle, or vice versa.

This site has 43 different ways to try lacing! With diagrams and feedback for each style.

Screen Capture from "Ian's Shoelace Site"

One team mate has already tried lacing her skates differently based on the tips and instructions given here. I plan to experiment soon! Let us know if you try and love any particular style of lacing...

- Nikki Tesla #134

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