Thursday, April 9, 2015

Skater of the Month: Nikki Tesla

Welcome to our monthly feature on the blog where we help you all get to know our players a little better! This month, we're featuring our 2015 team Secretary:

Skater Name: Nikki Tesla

Number: 134

Story Behind the Name: With a hardcore love of all things Steampunk, and a husband who is an electrician, taking the name of a famous Nineteenth Century Inventor just seemed to fit. Plus, now I can aim to be "electrifying" on the track!
Hometown: A small town in Northern CT

Derby Experience: I've just passed my one year anniversary playing Derby! I'm excited to be skating on the Team's Roster this season and I can't wait...

Sports background: I've played softball and soccer. I used to ride bikes or rollerskate for HOURS after school every day. I did Kempo Karate and Ju Jitsu in high school and college. Now, it's all Derby or trying to get in extra cardio at the gym.

Why Derby: At first it was just a way to get more exercise. Now it's a constant way to challenge myself both physically and intellectually.  There's so much to keep track of and to try to master! I love it.

Derby Style: Ummm...sometimes it's a pure case of "fake it 'til you make it!" Basically, I try to bolster my teammates in whatever way works best on the track. I fall down, I get back up, and keep moving on.

Why Pair O' Dice: Originally, I came to POD because two of my coworkers were already affiliated with the team. I stayed because we are a tight-knit group of fabulously strong girls who work to support each other both on and off the track. It's like having a new, extended family.

Derby Goals: To learn to be a great blocker and solid addition to the team.  Then, after that, I'd love to learn to master track awareness so that I can become a solid swing, playing both offense and defense on the track.

Favorite players: Can I name my own teammates?  LOL.  Seriously, I want to learn to skate low and fast like our own Donny Brook. I want to learn some epic shenanijams from our Suga Burn and I want to learn to take advantage of the rules in the smartest ways possible like Astra Knot.  Outside of POD, I'd love to someday be as strong and agile as Western Mass' Rammy Lammy, and be able to maneuver as confidently backwards and forwards as Boston's Shark Week.

Outside of Derby: Librarian by day... I'm a reader, writer, and answer finder. I love to curl up with a great book or in front of my favorite cheesy sci-fi tv shows.

Things I have learned about derby: I've learned it's a sport you need to be passionate to play. I've learned that Derby works best when you have team mates you can depend on and they know they can depend on you. Really though, I've learned that no matter what, there's always more to learn about Derby! 

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